Stevens County Fire Danger Burn Ban, Effective June 30, 2015

OPEN BURNING is hereby ordered discontinued in the unincorporated areas of Stevens County until further notice effective June 18th, 2015, unless this order is otherwise lifted or permitted by law or authorized agencies. Open burning is any fire other than those permitted below:

This order is not intended to preclude the use of backyard barbecues, chimneys or other patio/deck warmers, as long as only approved fuel is used: seasoned, (clean and dry) firewood, briquettes or propane. Recreational fires not exceeding 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet in height are also permitted. Disposal of vegetative waste in a recreational fire is prohibited. Approved campfires at designated places in parks and campgrounds are also allowed as determined by agencies with jurisdiction. All recreational fires must be attended.

Violations of this order shall be investigated and prosecuted by the Stevens County Sheriff’s Office/Stevens County Fire Marshal, and the Stevens County Prosecuting Attorney pursuant to the provisions of IFC Section 109. Any person(s) conducting open burning who fails to take immediate action to extinguish or otherwise discontinue such burning when ordered or notified to do so shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

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Kitsap County Phase II Burn Ban

(Port Orchard, WA)   Continued hot and dry weather has elevated fire danger to high levels, so the Kitsap County Fire Marshal announced Friday that the county-wide ban on outdoor burning is being expanded to include recreational burning, effective immediately.

A Phase II outdoor burn ban prohibits all types of outdoor fires, regardless of whether or not the fire is in a designated fire place or campground. With limited exceptions, no open flames are permitted; the prohibition does not include gas or propane-fired appliances. It also doesn’t affect barbecues using charcoal briquettes.

Said Fire Marshal David Lynam, “The spread of  the half-acre fire in Hansville shows how dangerous conditions have become.” The Hansville fire at Point No Point Park scorched nearly a half-acre of vegetation and driftwood. The suppression effort monopolized twenty firefighters for over twelve hours. Officials haven’t been able to determine an exact cause for the blaze, but say that there’s evidence suggesting that it was sparked by either an improperly-extinguished beach fire or fireworks. Both activities are always prohibited in Kitsap County’s parks.

Showers and cooler temperatures are forecast for the weekend, but officials don’t expect help from this minor shift in the weather. “It’ll take much more than a few showers to improve conditions,” says Lynam, “It took a long time to create this situation; it will take a long period of cooler temperatures and a lot of rain to make it better.”

The prohibition on all outdoor burning was implemented July 10.

For more information contact your local fire department, or call the Kitsap County Fire Marshal at 360.337.5777.


Clallam County Adds Burn Ban Restrictions

Due to atmospheric conditions of reduced moisture levels, low humidity and warmer weather, combined with the reduced availability of fire-fighting resources the Clallam County Burn Ban is being modified to include all campgrounds within unincorporated Clallam County (County controlled campgrounds are included in the burn ban).  This modification prohibits all outdoor burning.  Outdoor burning includes, campfires, bonfires, briquette BBQ’s, residential yard debris clean-up, trash disposal, land clearing, weed abatement and agricultural burning activity.  Propane/gas appliances are permitted provided the use is over a non-flammable surface and at least 5 feet from flammable vegetation.  The exception to this modification is those campgrounds within the Olympic National Park.

The Clallam County Fire Marshal’s office works closely with local fire districts and local fire departments, and strongly urges all county residents and property owners to be attentive to the condition of their properties through proactive fire prevention measures.

Maintaining a 30-foot defensible space around structures will help aid fire fighters by creating a zone of protection around your personal property.

You can find more information concerning Defensible Space on the Clallam County website

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Annette Warren

Building Official/Fire Marshal

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Annette Warren

Building Official/Fire Marshal

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Phone:  (360)417-2314

Clallam County’s July 1, 2015 burn ban restrictions:

Wahkiakum County Burn Ban Status Update

Land Clearing Burning: Burn Ban in Effect

Residential Burning: Burn Ban in Effect

Recreational: Allowed, no larger than 4’x4’x3′ outside the Urban Growth Area

Agricultural: Burn Ban in Effect

Silvicultural: Burn Ban in Effect


Questions: For more information, or if you have questions about these burn ban status, please contact Southwest Clean Air Agency at 360-574-3058 or 800-633-0709

Burn barrels: WAC 173-425 bans the use of a burn barrel and prohibits the burning of all material, except natural vegetation grown on the property and firewood (defined as bare, untreated wood, not dimensional lumber). This regulation also prohibits burning during periods of impaired air quality and prohibits outdoor burning from becoming a nuisance to surrounding neighbors and businesses. Fire safety burn-bans may also be called by county or local fire protection authorities.