Air Quality burn bans over for the season- Next up: Fire Safety burn bans

No Air Quality burn bans at this time and will not start again until next home heating season, around OCT 1st each year.  As of April 6th, 2015, you can burn in woodstoves and fireplaces, following State and Local laws.  Only burn dry wood and with lots of air for a clean burning fire.

As vegetation outside dries out, Fire Safety burn bans start at the fire district level, then become County-wide bans. Check with your local fire authority about Fire Safety burn bans.

Burning has risks! Compost, chip, haul to landfill… practice alternatives to burning.

Most types of burning require a burn permit before ignition. Check with your local fire district and your Air Quality permitting office, Ecology, Central Region: (509) 575-2490

Never burn garbage…only natural, unprocessed vegetation in a fire.

Agricultural burning              Residential / Outdoor burning           Forest / Silviculture burning